Since children are gifted explorers, it is imperative that
the analyst not get in their way, but accompany them in
their pursuits by joining them in their play…

Robert Quackenbush

The Use of Modern Psychoanalytic Techniques in the
Treatment of Children and Adolescents

Our Faculty and Clinical Supervisors

The Institute's faculty, drawn by Harlem Family's mission to serve children and families in underserved neighborhoods, come from a broad range of New York's psychoanalytic institutes. Such professionals serve not only as psychoanalytic instructors and case supervisors but also as trustees and advisors.

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Our instructors and supervisors are highly skilled professionals.

All supervisors of psychoanalytic candidates are licensed graduates of psychoanalytic institutes and are required to have been practicing as psychoanalytically competent licensed clinicians for at least three years.

The Institute is guided by trainees’ feedback in selecting faculty or supervisors for future teaching or supervisory roles. Each supervisor is rarely assigned more than one or two trainees to supervise.

Because child & adolescent work requires specialists skilled in its intricacies, our supervisors include several who are graduates of institutes’ psychoanalytically oriented child & adolescent programs rather than full analytic programs focused mostly on adult work.

The Institute feels fortunate to be able to tap these skilled clinicians’ expertise to help supervise its trainees’ child & adolescent work.

Adult psychoanalytic work is supervised by graduates of full psychoanalytic programs.

JOIN our Faculty

We want to ensure that our faculty and supervisors are the best available and the most suitable for our needs. We are eager to expand our ranks of child & adolescent specialists.

If you are an analyst or are analytically trained and would like to join us, please contact the executive director and send us a copy of your resume.