July 16: HFI Presents “Spirituality, Social Justice and Psychoanalysis”

The Harlem Family (Psychoanalytic) Institute


A Public Program Candidates Panel

Spirituality, Social Justice & Psychoanalysis

~ This Friday evening, July 16, at 7 pm ET free Zoom presentation ~

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The Institute, which trains tomorrow’s psychoanalysts in its small clinical sites in community centers, schools and houses of worship in Harlem and surrounding neighborhoods, knows the social-justice concerns of these diverse communities. The presentation will explore how training people concerned about such key issues, especially clergy, to become Licensed Psychoanalysts can help address them. 

 The Institute, with a very social-justice-concerned faculty, trains clergy and others fighting for social justice and is eager to train more. It sees training such people to become Licensed Psychoanalysts to be of paramount importance. The Institute welcomes applications from individuals with an advanced degree in any discipline.  Graduates of its Licensure-Qualifying Program may sit the NY State psychoanalysis licensing exam.

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Rev. Theodore “Ted” Kwaku Parker

Roman Catholic priest Rev. “Ted” Parker graduated from the Harlem Family Institute with a Certificate in Psychoanalysis in 1999. Born in Brooklyn, NY, he attended schools in Brooklyn, Indiana and Manhattan and was ordained a Catholic priest in May, 1972. He furthered his education with Master’s degrees in History and Anthropology. While a parish priest in Harlem in the late 1990s, his interest in cultural anthropology and African American studies led him to psychoanalysis and studies at the Harlem Family Institute.  

Since moving in 2001 to Detroit, where he has pastored at St. Charles Lwanga Parish, he has been instrumental in establishing the first Street Court in Detroit with the help of Judge Cylenthia Miller (see www.streetdemocracy.org) designed for homeless men and women who have been involved with the justice system. From 2014 to 2016, he taught graduate courses in the Social Justice Program at Marygrove College in Detroit.


Rev. Parthenia “Tina” Caesar

Rev. Parthenia Caesar, DMin, MDiv, MBA BCCC, BCPC, is a psychoanalytic candidate with the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis, New York, in the License in Psychoanalysis track, who has also studied at the Harem Family Institute. Founder of Beyond the Walls mentoring services, Westbury, NY, she is also the Pastor and founder of Beyond the Walls Christian Center. Parthenia received her Doctor of Ministry from New York Theological Seminary, her Master of Divinity from Alliance Theological Seminary and her Master of Business Administration from Dowling College. She is also the Operational Risk Officer for a large bank with over three decades of experience in Corporate America focusing on Risk Management and Compliance.


Clergy faculty and candidates of the Harlem Family Institute


Muballigh Muhammad Al-Rahman, PhD, LMFT
Pastor Adrienne Croskey, MDiv, CASAC
Andrea Dixon, LCSW-R
Rev. Sheila Johnson, MPS
Rev. Christopher Jones, MDiv, MA  
Rev. Vanesha Miller, MS
Rev. John Muniz, DMin, MDiv, MBA

Introduced by 

Dr. Fanny Brewster, LP
HFI’s Director of Public Programs

Fanny Brewster, PhD Clinical Director

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