May 21: A Workshop in Trauma-Response Guided Activity Workbooks for clinicians and educators

“My Book About the War and Terror in Ukraine” offers psychological first aid to displaced and traumatized children and families during the war in Ukraine

The continuing war and terror in Ukraine have caused havoc and suffering for millions of Ukrainians by killing, maiming, terrorizing and displacing them from their homes.  Here at the Harlem Family (Psychoanalytic) Institute in New York we are also all too familiar with atrocities. We know about lynchings, the genocide of Native Americans, rape, mutilations and transgenerational horrors in our own neighborhoods. We have an Acute Trauma Response Service (named after the first African American woman psychoanalyst) and have been regularly presenting extraordinary workshops, including powerful videos of how psychoanalysts can listen, give voice to, understand and sometimes deeply strengthen the lives of child and family victims. 

“My Book About the War and Terror in Ukraine,” a new Guided-Activity Workbook aimed at helping young war victims deal with the trauma of recent events

To help guide caregivers and therapists, child & adolescent psychoanalyst Gilbert Kliman, MD, with several co-authors and translators, has prepared a new guided-activity workbook: My Book About the War and Terror in Ukraine. (It is based on previous editions, which have helped recovery from natural and human-caused disasters.) Published digitally in numerous languages by the Harlem Family (Psychoanalytic) Institute in New York, it is offered on the Institute’s website. It is part of the Institute’s focus on responding to trauma and loss, whether in New York or elsewhere in our so-often cruel and troubled world.

The workbook provides a structure to help as many children, teens and families in many nations as quickly as possible, whether affected directly or indirectly. 

We are now beginning a series of Saturday trauma-focused workshops for clinicians, educators and others. The workshops will facilitate the use of our psychoanalytic and other caregiver selves and our ways of helping traumatized people. They will focus on real experience of countertransference and technique in catastrophic traumas in many contexts. We welcome and hope to include Ukrainian and other European colleagues and their evolving work.

The Harlem Family (Psychoanalytic) Institute in New York invites you to join us via Zoom for: 

Trauma-Focused Workshops
for Clinicians & Educators

including how to help Ukrainian and other children & families to use 

My Book About the War and Terror in Ukraine

The digital publication is an evidence-based, 98-page, guided-activity workbook designed to support children’s, teens’ and adults’ mental and emotional health amid the war and terror in Ukraine. It is available from the website of the Harlem Family Institute for single-copy download for a donation to the Institute of whatever amount each individual acquirer wishes. It is in English, Ukrainian, Polish, German, French, Italian and Spanish, and soon in Russian. 

Each 90-minute trauma-response workshop will be offered for US$60 on Saturdays. It will be offered free to Ukrainian colleagues who contact us. We begin May 21 at these times: 

5 to 6:30 pm:          Ukraine, Israel

4 to 5:30 pm:          Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Warsaw 

3 to 4:30 pm:          London 

10 to 11:30 am:      New York 

9 to 10:30 am:        Dallas, Chicago

7 to 8:30 am:          San Francisco, Tucson 

10 to 11:30 pm:      Beijing 

The workshops will be offered by child & adolescent psychoanalysts Gilbert Kliman, MD, the lead author on the workbook, and Paula Kliger, PhD, an expert in trauma, disaster and crisis response. 

Dr. Gilbert Kliman, MD
Dr. Paula Kliger, PhD

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