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New Guided-Activity Workbook Offers Mental Health First Aid to Children During Wildfires in California

Dr. Gil Kliman’s acclaimed series of interactive tools for promoting emotional processing and resilience after traumatic events has a new entry.

Help for children facing anxiety and trauma is an urgent issue. All around the world, the natural disasters of the past year and a half have had an immense impact on young people’s mental health.

HFI Chairman Dr. Gil Kliman has developed a series of Guided Activity Workbooks for young people in the wake of such disasters. In these books, children and adolescents find a safe space to work through their feelings, record their experiences, and begin to make sense of what has happened. The books can also serve as diagnostic tools for mental health professionals to identify signs of trauma that may need more intensive treatment. A recent edition deals with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The latest entry in the series focuses on the California wildfires, and is available HERE through our partners at the Children’s Psychological Health Center.

Based on Dr. Kliman’s own Reflective Network Therapy and backed up by decades of experience and evidence-based findings in disaster response, this workbook is for everyone grades K-12 and their families, educators, and caregivers. It encourages learning and healthy emotional expression, introduces young people to appropriate coping and recovery skills, and encourages scientific thinking.