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The Harlem Family Institute Stands in Solidarity With Victims of Police Abuse in France


by Dr. Gilbert W. Kliman, MD, Chairperson

At The Harlem Family Institute, we hold in our hearts and minds that all of us in the world must unite against systemic racism.  We are in solidarity with victims of abuse as we recognize the social responsibility of all people of all races for the behavior of their police officers. We help psychoanalysts rise above being bystanders.  We recognize that all persons are the aggressors, bystanders and ultimately the police of a complexly interactive world.  As psychoanalysts of many colors at this unique place called The Harlem Family Institute, we have a special mission: It is to deepen and extend conscious responsibility to as many citizens of the planet as possible.

As Chairperson of The Harlem Family Institute, a New York psychoanalytic training institute, I know that at this Institute we have great knowledge about the great social damage done by lynching, beating and killing of black persons. These seemingly old abuses still occur, conspicuously by wrongful police action. But here at The Harlem Family Institute we know these abuses are also widely present in other societal forms. They greatly affect children directly and indirectly for generations to come.  The ways of affecting children are often unconscious.  We want to raise consciousness of the complex processes, to combat the abuse of human beings by human beings.

Our unique psychoanalytic institute is established to train people of all ethnicities, people of all colors and diversity more generally to become psychoanalysts. We train as well as treat oppressed people.  We offer forensic expert training in our acquired knowledge about the effects and actions of racism in this continuing crisis.  In our forensic and other community-oriented psychoanalytic trainings, we use our specially acquired knowledge. We often benefit from our clients’ gifts of their voices. Thus, we use recorded evidence of wrongdoings against children of color and those in poverty, not just adults.  We teach about the way the evil playbooks of racism travel through time, across generations. 

We support those who take leadership in expressing the ultimate consciousness of responsibility borne by all citizens of France and, by extension, the world.

Gilbert W. Kliman, MD


The Harlem Family Institute

New York