Harlem Family Services announces online Forensic Seminar Series with Dr. Gil Kliman

The new Social Justice Division of Harlem Family Services announces a seminar series led by forensic expert Dr. Gil Kliman, focusing on “Trauma through a Forensic Psychoanalytic Lens.”

These monthly virtual sessions will explore the theory and practice of forensic psychoanalysis as applied to cases of trauma. The first session will take place on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, at 11 AM EST via Zoom. Guest instructor Hasani Baharanyi, MD will be the featured speaker.

Participants may register via Zoom at this link (click here.) Registration is free for HFI/HFS candidates, faculty and staff. All others, please pay the $30 registration fee online via HFI’s website here.

Course Description

Psychological trauma will be defined in behavioral and psychoanalytic terms, together with a theoretical point of view consistent with modern evolutionary theory. In this seminar we will work together to identify the obstacles and opportunities presented by the legal system for psychoanalytic and psychodynamically-oriented expert witnesses. Countertransference problems will be discussed, ethical problems will be described, and most importantly the alleged and proven victims of psychological traumas will speak for themselves in various videotaped interviews which demonstrate the evidence of their psychological damage.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the seminar, participants will be able to: 

Describe what plaintiff and defense attorneys expect an expert witness to contribute to the education of a jury or to the settlement of a contested claim. 
Explain why a psychoanalytic point of view about the long-term effects of childhood trauma has special value in a court room and goes far beyond a behavioral cross section. 
Illustrate how to formulate a clinical life care plan in a way that is associated with cost estimates over a lifetime. 
Describe the power of adverse childhood events research in forecasting psychosomatic problems and physical health care costs over a victim’s lifetime. 
Demonstrate how to prepare a Meyerian Chart in a fashion that can be presented to a jury, instead of an ordinary legal timeline. 
Explain how to testify concerning “Loss of Parental Services.” 
Describe special features of scientific knowledge about the aftermaths of childhood sexual molestation. 
Describe special features of traumas involving “betrayal” by family, institutions, schools, and agencies. 

NOTE: Each Forensic Seminar will be recorded in order to ensure that interested colleagues may study them. In addition, numerous videos of evaluations concerning which we have permission will be shown and made available by HIPAA-compliant means. Upon receipt of separate confidentiality agreements, those videos may also be studied in-depth at leisure.